2016 has been an amazing year!

We’ve decided to merge the 2 entities of the company into one, ‘Anaik’, and to realize our objective to deliver a unique ‘Creative Customer Experience’ to our clients.
How do we see our work? It’s to create and produce long lasting and innovating gifts, ensuring that all our customers are fully satisfied.

In 2007, we launched our very ambitious CSR program around 4 main points: working conditions, eco conception, packaging and transport.
It’s been 10 years already! 2017 is therefore the perfect time for us to start a new project, that will be environmental, social oriented, and will be built altogether with our clients, suppliers, partners and any other interested parties.
Indeed, everybody must be involved to achieve the full and constant satisfaction of our customers. This project is simply called ‘Made in Anaik’. The concept is to produce within factories like we would do it at home:
  • Professionalism ,
  • Wellbeing at work ,
  • Environmental effect reduced ,
  • Supporting disadvantaged workers living around the factory
We’ve worked closely on these topics with the owners of our partner factories, as well as their teams, and especially with partners sharing the same vision and ethic as Anaik. Together we aim at implementing and controlling these new main points. Committed to this objective more than ever, we’ve renewed our membership to the Global Compact for the 3rd year.

Frédéric Delloye



Main strength of Anaïk is their collaborators. Every one, wherever they are in France, United-Kingdom, Hong-Kong, China or New-York, shows of creativity to implement concrete solutions, linked to our company value and commitment, to provide the best service to customer and final consumers.
Thank you to everyone for that commitment!

  • collaborators are testifying:
    What does the word « ETHIC » mean for you, on your daily job at Anaïk ?

  • The word « ETHIC » means for me in logistic, to use transportation solution helping to reduce the distances from our factories and our customer warehouses and to reduce our CO2 emissions. That means to use multi-modal transport for our deliveries: a slow vessel for our pre-routing in Europe and a rail-road delivery to our customer warehouse, for example. For our USA orders, it means organize direct deliveries from China to USA to avoid any transit in Europe.
    Cécile Diego
    Logistic Manager at Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)
    With Anaïk for 8 years

  • ETHIC as an employee, without boss supervision at HK office, means:

    - Self-discipline: respect office hour, no smoking at office, working during office hour…
    - Did not disclose company secret to others
    - Cannot take any luxury or expensive gifts from suppliers

    Kitty Tsong
    Buyer in Hong-Kong
    With Anaïk for 4 years

  • As an inspector, the word "ETHIC" means to publish reports about factories’ financial status, business running status besides production status and all defects found during my visiting.

    QA in Shenzhen
    With Anaïk for 4 years

  • « Ethics for me as sales is to be honest and transparent with my customers. Not cheat to get an order, treat them according to our values and respect their technical specifications in my proposal”

    Sales Manager in Paris
    With Anaïk for 2 years



Every day, we keep in mind that our responsibility is to act and improve social conditions and standard of living of men and women working in our supply chain.
Integrity, support and control remain key points for us.

Our audits

Part of our 2016 grip of order

That part of our business is made in cooperation with 30 factories, located in 8 different countries. In China, main supply zone of Anaïk, there are about 5.200 men and women that can work today in better conditions thanks to our implication since 10 years now and thanks to active cooperation of factories bosses.

Mr. ZhengXing ZHU, owner of a bags making factory in Anhui Province, testifies :

"During two years of cooperation, we improved a lot in our quality management system; we really appreciate Anaik’s guide and help!
Through the Sedex audit, we gradually increased the social security proportion for our employees, and accordingly improved their welfare.
In the other hand, , we work on and focus more on the help-the-poor program, meanwhile we hired some workers from distressed area, and make sure they are having better life quality than before!
We sincerely would like to keep and have deeper cooperative relations with Anaik, we believe to achieve a win-win situation. And we also hope to contribute to our society together with Anaik !"


As per what we did for social audits, we now wish to minimize our impact on environment. From 2017, we are starting an environment audit program to map and share good practices of our material and components factories.

“On the initiative of ANAIK and other members of Réseau Alliances, we launched a working group dedicated to environment audits. Through this approach, ANAIK demonstrates again their commitment to a more sustainable development and to implement buying practices more respectful of Human Being and Environment.”

Pauline Paquier – Réseau Alliances
Manager of Support dept for CSR in companies


We keep researching best compromises in term of transportation way and routing to generating as less CO2 as possible. In particular, we reinforce our use of rail transportation from China directly to France, and also our post-routing to USA.
In 2016, a CO2 emission calculator has been integrated in our XERP. It’s a way to make our collaborators and customers more sensitive to research optimal solutions


To design, to innovate, and to renew our offer is at core of our business. As to design an exemplary product is difficult and costly, we propose our customers a custom-made approach allowing working on one axe or more to eco-design products as per their brand strategy, targets of the promotions and budget limitation.

Show-room of our head office, The Creative Village, has been renewed and has arranged a permanent collection of eco-designed products. This collection combines product solutions and digital communication.

ISABELLE DECOOPMAN Associate Professor Skema Business School, testifies :

Carrier of a relational message but also vector of values, object that we are offering as a gift must be in full adequacy with values expected by market but also in full adequacy with brand values : whatever they are altruists, societal, and experiential.

Anaïk has adopted very early an innovating approach in the conception of their product range. Pioneer in implementing CSR promotional items without forgetting innovation, they combine with relevance and subtility, trading, respect of environment, ethic, traceability, modernity and innovation.

Wealth of eco-design promotional items, connected gifts, custom-made, 3D-printed that Anaïk is able to propose make us realize that innovation can be combined with societal responsibility.


Transparency, integrity, security ! Anaïk has set up a traceability process on their supply chain, from material production to final customer delivery. GIFT TRACK tool is a app proposed to customers, enabling them in real time to know working conditions in production sites and production steps of their running orders.



Locally, Anaïk would like to favor integration of disabled people in working world. Anaïk now offers new services of co-packing and upcycling to their customers, reinforcing the link set up with disabled workers workshop set up these past years.

French Railway Company, wishing to develop upcycling operations, provided Anaïk their obsolete flags and professional garments that we tuned into bags and pouches.

That collection has been distributed to French railway collaborators during an internal seminary.


13000€ have been earned that to now traditional samples sales organized by Solidarikid’s in May 2016. This amount helped to co-finance projects in favor of well-being and self-fulfillment of kids in the world.

Thank you so much to volunteers of the association and buyers more numerous every year ! Next Solidarikid’s sales planned in May, 20th 2017

Volunteers from the May 2016 sale
Lapland travel for handicapped children
School "out of contract" to promote the cultural integration of children in Roubaix
Solar Energy for Beong Kieb School in Cambodia
Development of a pediatric consultation room
Atelier d'Art Therapy for children in hospitals


2nd edition of our CSR barometer.
Answering rate : 49% (vs. 51% en 2016) Thanks to this CSR Barometer, collaborators are alerting on 4 points:

- I know which materials to propose to reduce our products impact on environment
- I relieve every day our CSR messages to my interlocutors (colleagues, suppliers, customers, …)
- I know actions made and KPI
- Our eco-design solutions are operational

These are our axes to improve and we’ll measure improvements in 2017


We are very proud of the last 10-years concrete actions even if we remain conscious it’s a lot to do. But we are ready to write a new page, always sure that our daily actions serve a more sustainable future.
Due diligence, fight against corruption are now more and more supported by politics and those new steps should start a transition in the CSR approach.
As a member of United-Nations Global Compact, we are ready to take up the challenge of 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by 193 nations in UNO.

Christine Bourge – CSR and Quality Manager