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The guerlain beauty business case

The guerlain beauty business case

Client context
Guerlain, a part of the LVMH group, has made Sustainable Development a part of the company strategy for the past 10 years.
Guerlain’s Sustainable Development approach is built around six key challenges: eco-responsibility, transportation, responsible purchasing, eco-design, biodiversity, and social responsibility.

Anaïk context
As Guerlain’s partner supplier for gifts, also committed to this issue since 2007, Anaïk aims to implement this approach through the products offered to its clients. To better respond to consumer expectations in terms of eco-design, Anaïk regularly consults its panel to guide its product choices.
In 2016, one of our surveys revealed that consumers are more and more drawn to recycled materials.

The client brief

To support the sales of the emblematic perfume « La Petite Robe Noire, » Guerlain wishes to offer its customers responsible gifts, in keeping with the brand’s commitment.

Anaïk ’s solution

A collection of 3 on-trend accessories: a shopping bag, tablet holder, and passport holder, in recycled cotton, which is more respectful of the environment that traditional cotton.


Paper envelopes instead of plastic, which allow the brand to explain its commitment to customers.


Guerlain offers its consumer products with a perceived high value, that are in keeping with the DNA of the perfume and the brand’s Sustainable Development policy. Through these gifts, Guerlain demonstrates its commitment and reinforces its bond with its clients.
Anaïk, in line with Guerlain’s values, was able to reaffirm its desire to promote responsible actions and transform this aim into concrete solutions.

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