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Client context
Beauty house Carita offers luxury cosmetics, outstanding products, and exceptional beauty treatments for face and body.

Anaïk context
An expert in luxury and beauty, Anaïk accompanies its clients by creating packaging tailored the brand’s codes, while conforming to technical and aesthetic constraints.

The client brief
Carita Paris brings beauty treatments into a new era with My C.L.E (Cinetic Lift Expert), the first cosmetic device for home use that had previously been reserved for beauty salons. To spotlight this product innovation (retail price 390€), Carita wishes to develop a presentation box and a travel pouch.

The criteria

A luxury box that showcases the star product.
A triple feature:
- A presentation box at the point of sale.
- A functional box for home use.
- Secure packaging for transportation.

Anaïk ’s solution

A cylindrical box in textured paper that is made up of 3 parts:
The presentation part, featuring an inclined wedge flocked with bright Carita pink velvet, for an optimal presentation of the object.
The base, in the form of a hidden compartment, where the product’s charging cable can be stored, as well as the travel pouch and the operating manual.
The dome, which features a very fine print of the decoration, logo, and legal notices.


Anaïk drew on its product expertise in order to respond to Carita’s specific request.
The product is showcased thanks to its packaging, both at the point of sale and at home.
The product was a commercial success, and the box was nominated for the Forme de Luxe 2017 prize in the category « Coffrets Parfums & Cosmétiques » (Perfume & Cosmetic Packaging).

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