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Client context
The La Compagnie boutique airline is an all-business-class airline that flies between Paris and New York at competitive rates. La Compagnie offers many onboard services with the aim of reinventing the travel experience.

Anaïk context
A specialist in emotional marketing, Anaïk ’s promise is to create a strong bond between brands and their customers. Furthermore, as Anaïk has been committed to sustainable development for more than 10 years, the company works on eco-design in order to offer its clients products that are more respectful of people and the environment.

The client brief

For its 1st anniversary, La Compagnie wants to offer its clients a travel pouch that will meet criteria of comfort and durability.

The criteria:

A product in the image and colors of La Compagnie. A pouch that can be reused after the flight. A clean material. Accessories that can contribute to passenger comfort and improve the onboard experience.

Anaïk ’s solution

A large, flat pouch with elastic that can, once unfolded, have a second life as an iPad holder. The material: 100% recycled cotton, which is more respectful of the environment that traditional cotton.
A complete set of comfort objects:

• A pair of socks;
• Earplugs;
• An eye mask;
• A shoe pouch;
• A dental care kit that includes a toothbrush and toothpaste;
• A pocket mirror;
• Two Caudalie Premier Cru beauty treatments: a face cream and an eye cream.


By meeting the different criteria of style, comfort, and durability, the pouch was a success and La Compagnie decided to renew it in 3 new styles, in order to be able to offer a different pouch for each season the following year. The product’s concept would remain the same, but Anaïk would create different exclusive printed designs in a New York style.
Anaïk was able to accompany La Compagnie for 2 years and contributed to improving the onboard customer experience thanks to a product that was in line with the brand’s DNA, respectful of the environment, and in line with the users’ expectations.

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