We're a company with a mission,
and we're committed to a very ambitious social and environmental policy.
Our clients recognize our pioneering approach.


Anaïk was founded by Anaïk Descamps in 1973.
In 1998, Jérôme Descamps and Frédéric Delloye acquired the company in 1998.
Since 2015, Frédéric Delloye has been owner and manager
of the group in France and abroad.
About sixty employees are also shareholders.


Anaïk has serious ambitions for international growth in emotional marketing and promotional strategy combined with a positive ethical and environmental footprint. Are you a socially responsible investor?
If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to us at


As of July 2020,
Anaïk is officially a company with a mission.
We have written our social and environmental purpose into our company bylaws. Now the products that we design and market will support 6 key causes that are important to us. We're proud of our commitment to our community
and the environment!


Our strategic plan is developed by the strategic committee,
which is made up of shareholders, an employee representative, and an NGO.
The executive committee is made up of 7 people and is responsible for achieving company's economic, social, and environmental objectives.


Our company has always emphasized a management strategy that can cope with economic uncertainty and risks.
This has resulted in significant equity, debt of less than 20%, and positive cash flow, ensuring the company's solid financial strength.