Anaïk, specialists in
emotional marketing

We specialize in promotional gifts associated with
dedicated digital solutions.

These two levels are formidable point of contact to encourage customer loyalty and optimize the ROI of your campaigns.


Creating a bond

Our mission is to create positive, intense emotions.

Our approach is both exclusive and unique. We advise, design, and implement emotional marketing campaigns by connecting custom-made products with dedicated digital solutions.


Working together

The Anaïk team is made up of an entrepreneur-founder and intrapreneurs in France and abroad. Together, we cultivate our taste for innovative projects, teamwork, initiative, and responsibility.

We mainly advise and work, both in France and abroad, for large companies in the Beauty, Spirits, Distribution and e-commerce, and retail travel industries.


Satisfying each consumer

Our aim is to serve each brand and become the leader in loyalty solutions through phygital gifts.

Since 1973, Anaïk has developed its ambitions for professionalism, by testing, measuring, and developing its ideas: product design, supply chain quality, CSR policy, digital...