our teams social drivers determine the major trends to come over the next 2-5 years on consumer markets over all sectors of the industry

Trends derive from these drivers: a trinity of consumer profiles, color ranges, and illustrations by material.


Creating unique physical and digital products is the guideline for our development strategy for gifts, packaging, and accessories. 

Deriving from our drivers, our exclusive creations come to life to better meet our clients’ needs.

These creative upstreams then find their place in our range of different showrooms in France and abroad.

R&D materials

Our research and development department is composed of experts in this field. This includes our CSR manager, material innovation team & our textile engineers in China & Europe.

Materials are the key to storytelling for our clients products. They are able to promote a brands DNA in multiple ways.

The eco-design of a product begins from the choice of materials; considering that the production of textile fibers and fabrics represents about 70% of CO2 emission factors on a product.

Anaïk offers high-tech materials, exclusive weavings, and traceability thanks to its dedicated supply chains.


Gift thinking

Anaïk regularly invites its clients and different stakeholders to brainstorm with our internal and external experts about the design and creation of products.

These workshops let us  innovate conscientiously to create together the product of tomorrow.

Conscientious technology

Anaïk keeps an eye on new technology and innovative solutions that we can incorporate in our designs & offerings.  

For example, virtual reality lets us provide 3D model samples in order to make decision making easier. A true technological advancement, it considerably limits our environmental impacts thanks to the reduction of physical models.  


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